Another Wednesday

It’s another Wednesday.  And what I have to show you is this:

WIP 002

I love Moda Fabrics.  And these are some additional fabrics I needed to complete my Jubilee 16 patch project I talked about here.  I love this line of fabrics.  They are a combination of all of my favorite colors.

Here is another photo just for fun:

WIP 003

I love how a jelly roll looks before it’s opened.  So marvelous.

So, the few things I am working on:

1. #scrappytripalong

2. Moda Jubilee 16 patch

3. hexagons (if I ever start sewing)

4.basting, quilting, and binding Gabby’s quilt.

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Wednesday Work In Progress

Don’t you love getting packages in the mail?  This is what I got yesterday:

2013-01-29 18.11.25

Once again, I am apologizing for the picture quality.

I purchased this fabric from Connecting Threads for $2.96/yard.

I purchased 7 yards for $18 roughly.  Where do you find a deal like that?

Only at Connecting Threads.

It is the back piece for my niece Gabby’s quilt.

2013-01-29 18.11.59

I think it’s gonna look fabulous!!

I also think Gabby’s quilt is my favorite quilt I have ever made.

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I love hexagons!

For so long, I have been wanting to attempt a hexagon quilt.  I am not sure what about hexagons intrigue me…but they do.  So…last year when I ran into some charm packs on sale at Craftsy, I knew that it would be the right fabric for my hexagons!  2013-01-22 18.44.05

I just love this fabric!  It’s Curiosities by Nancy Halvorson for Benartex.  So…last night I decided to break out my hexi template and start cutting.

2013-01-22 18.43.53

At first, I thought “Oh wow, this is gonna take me forever.” And because I am a new quilter (sort of) I didn’t think that charm packs are probably not the best cut of fabric for hexagons.  But whatever.  I ended up cutting them in stacks….and I cut 4 charm packs (40 pieces each).

2013-01-22 18.10.10

I love this fabric!

2013-01-22 18.44.23

160 hexies cut!

And because I am crazy about not wasting anything, I saved the itty bitty scrap pieces.

2013-01-22 18.47.07

My friend Melissa, who I talked about in the great big friendship blog, and who is super creative herself, has agreed to make a ticker tape canvas for my bathroom.  I got the idea from Crazy Mom Quilts blog post, which you can see here.

Also, I have put together (finally) my list of UFOs, WIPs, and upcoming projects.


*Gabby’s quilt

*Mom’s star quilt

*My winterscape quilt

*Crazy Daisy quilt

*Americana quilt


*Moda honey bun #scrappytripalong

*Regular size #scrappytripalong

*Hexagon quilt

*Ticker Tape canvas

*granny square afghan


*Scrapper’s Delight from Sunday Morning Quilts (you can see it in this blog post)

*Postage Stamp quilt in pink/aqua/yellow

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Finishing things up!

2013-01-18 06.48.40

While I didn’t just finish this project this week, I haven’t yet shared it on my blog.  This is the lap quilt I made for myself, that instead of machine quilting, I decided to tie together.  I finished it over the Thanksgiving break at my parents house.  While it was easy to do, I will share that I broke two needles trying to pull the yarn through the fabric.  Both sides of this quilt are the same patchwork pattern and fabrics.  Also, I was able to piece the batting together from the extra pieces of batting I had, which helped me reduce the batting stash I had been acquiring.

I really love this quilt.  It was supposed to be a king size quilt for my bed, but after considering how much work it would be to quilt it, I changed my mind.  I use this frequently when I am lounging around watching TV.  Recently, with how cold it has been, I have been using it as well as an extra blanket on my bed.  It is so feminine and cozy.

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Wednesday’s WIP Update!

2013-01-15 18.26.34

Last night I began cutting strips for my #scrappytripalong quilt.  I started one this weekend with a Moda honey bun (that is 1 inch strips).  I am still planning on making a 2 inch quilt too.  Soooo, last night I started cutting strips.  I want to get all the strips cut from the fabric I have thus far, and then start sewing.  I am not sure how many strips I have, but I am really excited about the fabric and how it’s going to turn out!  Here is a picture of my stack of strips:

2013-01-15 18.29.26

I still have a lot of fabric to cut yet, and this stack isn’t cut into the 16 inch strips, just 2 1/2 inch strips of varied lengths.  I can’t wait to get them all cut so I can see what I have.

Also, I found a really awesome other scrappy quilt that I want to make over at Quilting and Other Craft Therapy.  It’s a string block quilt, and I know I have a lot of string strips!  Also, I have been inspired to start looking for a used in good condition more advanced sewing machine.  Mine just doesn’t have the capabilities that I need or want.

So, here are my projects I am working on:

*Moda honey bun #scrappyquiltalong quilt

*#scrappyquiltalong quilt

*My Mom’s queen size quilt

*Granny square project.

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Love in the Mail!

2013-01-10 10.10.45

Don’t you just love getting stuff in the mail???  I know I do.  And this week, I received two great packages.  First was a pack of scraps from Pink Chalk Fabrics.  Debbie from A Quilter’s Table recommend to check them out for scrap packs, and I did.  I was not disappointed when I received my pack from them!!!  It was very reasonable and there was a lot of fabric in the pack and they are beautiful.

Today, I received a package from Debbie herself with 2 ziploc bags full of fabric scraps!  I feel so blessed.  What a generous package of scraps to work with on my #scrappytripalong quilt.  Thank you Debbie for being so thoughtful.

Also, I feel like I have been having a creative block because I just can’t get together an idea of what I want to do quilting wise this year.  Nothing seems appealing, except the scrappytripalong.  I realized this morning–everything I had been working on the last quarter of 2012 was in rush mode.  I was so busy from October on that I never had a chance to enjoy the process or time I spend quilting.  Well…I decided this morning that even if it takes a year to do a scrappy quilt, or a month to quilt up my Mom’s quilt, I am just going to enjoy the time.  So…I am going to get a bunch of projects cut and then start working on them.  There are no deadlines to get things done (so far) and I want to slow down and enjoy something I started as a hobby, but then turned it into what I do with everything else…hurry hurry rush rush get it done so I can move on to the next thing.

On a side note, I did figure out how/what I am going to do with my granny squares.  I have the project drawn out and know how many granny squares I need…like 420 or something crazy like that.  Good thing it’s a project that I just do while I watch TV…once again no rush!  I like that.

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Another Wednesday WIP

2013-01-08 18.07.41

What have I been working on?  I have been working on granny squares!  I am making 6 inch and 3 inch grannys.  I have about 40 done, and I need many, many more.  Thankfully, they go quick.  I have to design my afghan yet, so I am not sure how many I need.  Overall, it’s a nice, fun, easy project to do while I watch TV.

This weekend I have to get moving on some quilting projects.  My goal is to at least get my Mom’s quilt basted.  And maybe some other projects cut.  Maybe with them cut, I’ll have more motivation to get sewing.  I’ve been low in the motivation area!!!

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