Wednesday’s WIP Update!

2013-01-15 18.26.34

Last night I began cutting strips for my #scrappytripalong quilt.  I started one this weekend with a Moda honey bun (that is 1 inch strips).  I am still planning on making a 2 inch quilt too.  Soooo, last night I started cutting strips.  I want to get all the strips cut from the fabric I have thus far, and then start sewing.  I am not sure how many strips I have, but I am really excited about the fabric and how it’s going to turn out!  Here is a picture of my stack of strips:

2013-01-15 18.29.26

I still have a lot of fabric to cut yet, and this stack isn’t cut into the 16 inch strips, just 2 1/2 inch strips of varied lengths.  I can’t wait to get them all cut so I can see what I have.

Also, I found a really awesome other scrappy quilt that I want to make over at Quilting and Other Craft Therapy.  It’s a string block quilt, and I know I have a lot of string strips!  Also, I have been inspired to start looking for a used in good condition more advanced sewing machine.  Mine just doesn’t have the capabilities that I need or want.

So, here are my projects I am working on:

*Moda honey bun #scrappyquiltalong quilt

*#scrappyquiltalong quilt

*My Mom’s queen size quilt

*Granny square project.

That’s it!  I am linking up to Freshly Pieced.

As always, keep Simply Delighting!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday’s WIP Update!

  1. This is too funny! I came here from Lee’s to see what the pile of fun in your pic was going to be for and I find your link to me…. LOL Let me know if you have any questions once you get to making the string blocks! I’m been gritting my teeth and resisting the scrappy trip along… but have added it to my NewFO/UFO Rewards list. Maybe soon!

  2. I just became a recent follower of your blog, and when I got the new post yesterday I was in love. So last night when I was cutting I started a string block pile too. I love the look of the block. Thanks for commenting!

  3. There is nothing like starting a new project 🙂 Probably why I have so many UFOs. I keep thinking I need to do the scrappy trip but am resisting….

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