Finishing things up!

2013-01-18 06.48.40

While I didn’t just finish this project this week, I haven’t yet shared it on my blog.  This is the lap quilt I made for myself, that instead of machine quilting, I decided to tie together.  I finished it over the Thanksgiving break at my parents house.  While it was easy to do, I will share that I broke two needles trying to pull the yarn through the fabric.  Both sides of this quilt are the same patchwork pattern and fabrics.  Also, I was able to piece the batting together from the extra pieces of batting I had, which helped me reduce the batting stash I had been acquiring.

I really love this quilt.  It was supposed to be a king size quilt for my bed, but after considering how much work it would be to quilt it, I changed my mind.  I use this frequently when I am lounging around watching TV.  Recently, with how cold it has been, I have been using it as well as an extra blanket on my bed.  It is so feminine and cozy.

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8 thoughts on “Finishing things up!

  1. Your quilt is beautiful. I love the colors. I normally do machine quilting. My hubby bought me a long-arm sewing machine (a couple of yrs ago) and this makes machine quilting easier. I only use straight stitching. I haven’t graduated to do something else. Maybe in the future. I am seriously thinking of trying the technique described above in your post (knot quilting). Another item to add to my craft to do list. Have a great day.

  2. I would love to have a long arm! I had seen other quilts that were tied, and I really didn’t like them, honestly. This one I knew was for me so I thought it’d be a good time to try it, and I wanted a project that would be easy to do while at my parents. It worked out great, and I think I’d do it again.

  3. There is a quilting group at work that produces amazing quilts. I am always amazed at the artistry and concentration it takes to create this type of work. Well done you 🙂

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