Another Wednesday WIP

2013-01-08 18.07.41

What have I been working on?  I have been working on granny squares!  I am making 6 inch and 3 inch grannys.  I have about 40 done, and I need many, many more.  Thankfully, they go quick.  I have to design my afghan yet, so I am not sure how many I need.  Overall, it’s a nice, fun, easy project to do while I watch TV.

This weekend I have to get moving on some quilting projects.  My goal is to at least get my Mom’s quilt basted.  And maybe some other projects cut.  Maybe with them cut, I’ll have more motivation to get sewing.  I’ve been low in the motivation area!!!

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3 thoughts on “Another Wednesday WIP

  1. cute squares, I love all the purple! I’m in the same boat actually- my WIP post this week was also about granny squares. I’m about half way there. Not sure how mine will all fit together, they are a bunch of different sizes.

  2. I just read yours! I love them! So pretty! My Mom gave me a bunch of her leftover rejected yarn so I just started making squares. I can relate to what you are saying about having so many to do, last night I was trying to think of how big I wanted afghan to be, and realized I had a lot more to go!

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