Strips are cut!

2013-01-27 16.45.20

Yesterday, I finished cutting the 2 1/2 in strips from my stash/scraps into 16 inch lengths for my #scrappytripalong quilt.   All together, I have 241 strips!!!!  That’s enough to make over 40 blocks.  But I love this pattern and I love scrappy quilts so I might make a couple from my strips.  Or…I may just make it big enough for my bed, which is a queen.  I know I said just last week that I will never make queen size quilt again, but, we will see.

Today, I am going to spend the day catching up on my reading (and maybe DVR…we’ll see).  I subscribe to several magazines and I need to get them read and ready to pass on.  My Mom and I swap magazines.  The only ones I don’t pass on are my quilting ones.  Although, I am thinking about letting some of them go as well, as I feel like there isn’t a lot of quilts I have made from the magazines I have and with all the blogs I subscribe to, well…I have MORE than enough inspiration.  Here is the stack I have to read today.

2013-01-28 12.37.35

On a side note, here are my reading companions for the day.  I couldn’t resist snapping a quick picture with my phone.

2013-01-28 12.56.35

And one more thing.  I downloaded to my phone this cool app called Photo Grid.  You can take your photos and make them into a mosaic.  I have been having fun doing that with all my different pictures on my phone.  Here is one of some of the quilts I made last year.


They are across the top left to right:

1.My Mom’s winterscape quilt

2.Pam’s Calico Candies and Sweet Shoppe quilt

3.Brianna’s quilt

4.Shortcake quilt

5.Shannon’s Tuxedo quilt

6.Maxton’s baby quilt

7.Chelsea’s quilt

8.Gabby quilt

9.My Pink quilt

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9 thoughts on “Strips are cut!

  1. Thanks for sharing. You’ve given me ideas on how to use some of my scraps. In an attempt to be organized, I’ve started trimming my pieces into usable sizes. I have stuck to squares and strips. I just got to get myself busy sewing them together. I’m trying to finish work-in progress projects. That’s going to come first.

  2. Yeesh that’s a lot of strips. And counting! You deserve a new rotary blade after that!
    I made one of those Trip Around the World quilts 100 years ago. I love scrappy and am glad to see them making a comeback. I must make one!

    As a sidenote, I don’t consider WordPress users no reply bloggers. All you have to do is click our name and you can reply away! And you are right, it’s called common courtesy! Glad to have found your blog!

  3. Wow, you’ve been busy! I have made this quilt several times and never cut strips to size until I pick them out of the strip box, you’re doing well! I’ll be pulling out strips for you today. I started a new quilt yesterday, so will be continue working on it. Have a nice day reading with your kitty pals.

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