Wonderful Weekends!

Whew!  What a weekend!  It has been so wonderful.

Yesterday I spend the afternoon with my 2 brothers and sister’s families.  Everyone was able to meet Baby Jaidyn and Baby Maxton!  They are about 6 weeks apart and it was such a lovely time.  On top of the little babies, my other nieces and nephews were there as well.  I left feeling so blessed.

Today, I finished my Mom’s queen size quilt.  I spend the majority of the day in my dining room sewing studio.  By far, the part of quilting I loathe the most is basting.  On a quilt that size, it’s so difficult to maneuver and make sure that it’s all smooth and flat and perfect.  I quilted it by stitching in the ditch.  I used my Robert Kaufman quilting calculator smart phone app to find the amount of binding.  It was quick and easy and exactly right.  Most of the time I overestimate the amount of binding I need and have extra.  This time, There was barely any leftover.  Perfect way to save fabric and time.  I love that app!

Here is how it turned out:

2013-01-20 16.26.38

2013-01-20 16.27.45

2013-01-20 16.32.47

Notice the glowing eyes in the background?  That’s Milly, watching my every move…she wanted to lay on it as I was basting it on my living room sewing studio floor.

Since I have tomorrow off for MLK day, I plan on finishing up the shams that go with the quilt, and then working on cutting some fabric for a few other quilts, including my #scrappytripalong.  I have come up with a running list of projects for this year as well and I will be sharing them soon.

Keep Simply Delighting!!!


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