Robert Kaufman Quilting Calculator


Today as I was reading though some emailed, I saw one that really caught my eye.  It was about this handy-dandy app for my smartphone!  It is also available for iPhones!  So…I downloaded it and as I was playing around with it, discovered how awesome it is.  It automatically gives you all kinds of measurements and data you need for quiltmaking.  For instance, I know being a new quilter, I struggle sometimes figuring out exactly how much fabric I need for backing.  And then when I get to the store, I always get extra because I am so afraid I calculated wrong.  Now, with this app, all I have to do is enter my quilt dimensions, and it gives me the yardage I need!  It also does that for batting!  And binding!  All you have to do is enter your quilt dimensions again, the width of your binding, and it tells you how much you need!  I am so excited to use this app!!!!  Not only is it super convenient, but it’s easy to use!  I. LOVE. IT.   You can find it on Google Play by searching for Robert Kaufman quilting calculator.


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