Waste Not, Want Not

2013-01-08 17.32.04

So many people I know are always asking me how I figure out what to cook for meals, how I grocery shop so inexpensively and how I hardly waste anything.  Well, it’s because when I plan my grocery list, it is strictly off of a menu I plan for two weeks.  Whatever the menu is, that’s what I buy.  And, I tend to buy things that I can use in other meals.

For instance, I made a roast on Sunday.  It was an English Roast, and it was about $12 total.  We had the traditional roast, carrots and potatoes Sunday, then again on Monday, and last night I made a beef, rice, mixed vegetable medley.  Normally, I would make spanish rice with leftover beef too.  So, while I paid $12 for this roast, it was three nights of dinner.  And, the broth from the roast is in the freezer, which will make great stock for soup or gravy.



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