Sunday Morning Quilts!!!

2013-01-07 16.50.46

I remember the day I discovered her blog.  I was at work on my lunch.  I was looking for an easy quilt pattern to make as my second quilt ever.  I stumbled across a pin on Pinterest of one of her quilts she blogged about.  I clicked back to her blog, and I was hook.  I spend the entire lunch reading back posts on her blog, mesmerized by her creativity and talent.  Then, when I got home, I continued reading.  Before I knew it, through her blog, I was subscribing to all kinds of other quilting blogs!  Over the last year, I have continued to be faithful to reading her blog (and so many others) learning new skills, being inspired, getting ideas and drooling over amazing quilting projects.

Amanda Jean from crazy mom quilts is definitely one of my quilting idols!  I purchased her book and it came today!  I am so excited to read it and tackle some of the projects, that works primarily with scraps.  Thus, my plea for scraps!  Once again, if any of you out there in blog land would like to unload some of your scraps, please email me at

Keep Simply Delighting!


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