Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 

My new year is starting out very low-key.  I am making a nice pot of chicken tortilla soup (which I will post the recipe later), some more granny squares, and Michigan football bowl game.  For me, it doesn’t get any better.  Tomorrow is back to work, so I am squeezing every single second out of this last day off!

I thought though, that I would share 2 things that made me very happy this week, along with making me feel very loved and cherished. 

2012-12-29 14.37.20

This was a Christmas present from my sister-in-law.  I love it!  I had been wanting a mug this size, and it was just perfect.  Funny thing, she didn’t even know I wanted one. 

2013-01-01 12.28.27

2013-01-01 12.28.44

While my parents where here, we decorated my new place.  I had this big wall in my bedroom and my Mom suggested awhile ago (at my last place) that I hang the baby blanket she made me many many years go.  This gave me the perfect wall and opportunity to do just that.  I know the pictures do not show the detail but it is completely embroidered.  Every day when I wake up I face this blanket and it just warms my heart.  It is among my most cherished possessions.

Ok, I am off to get my soup started and get settled in for the game!  Let’s GO BLUE!

Keep Simply Delighting!



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Thanks for this post about granny squares. I have a huge surplus of yarn. This supply contains partial skeins and full skeins. I want to be able to make a dent into this stash and you now have inspired me into making granny squares. I can put the squares on the side and later make blankets following the theme of “coat of may colors.” Have a great year.

  2. The yarn I am using for my squares are simply that, lots of leftovers from my Mom’s various projects. She’s the real crocheter in the family. I searched and searched for the perfect granny square patterns, I had a specific look I wanted in mind. Happily, I know have 3 patterns I rotate, 2 are 6 inch patterns and one is a 3 inch pattern. I enjoy crochetting at night when I am watching tv…I have found I can knock out quite a few squares. Happy stitching!

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