Wonderful Weekends!

It’s sad to say, but I live for the weekends.  I love having 2 days to just do whatever I want.  It’s glorious.  I love sleeping in and lounging around and making lists of projects to cross off when they are completed.  One of my friends and I share our to do lists to keep each other on track and she told me last time I sent her mine that she couldn’t even fathom a list that long and just reading it made her anxious!  In my defense, many of the things on my to do list are little items.  This weekend I was able to finish up a couple of things but added a few more.  All of them are Christmas related, of course.

Here is what I did:

2012-12-16 17.25.13

Made a ruffle scarf for a dear friend

2012-12-15 21.07.49

Made a ruffle scarf for a family Christmas present

2012-12-16 14.44.49

Finished my Mom’s purse.  Although it’s not a “hobo” style, I am pretty pleased with the outcome.

I have several more projects to finish up before the holiday.  Thankfully, where I work generously gives us a holiday break so I will be able to do some traveling to my parents for Christmas and then they will be down to visit on their way through to Florida for the winter.  This time always saddens me because I won’t be able to see them for 3 months.

I would be remise to also pay tribute to the little lives lost this past week in the terrible tragedy in Connecticut.  I pray for the families and this nation.  Lord Jesus, we need you now more than ever. 

Keep Simply Delighting!


2 thoughts on “Wonderful Weekends!

    • Would you like me to make you one? I would love to send you one! Send me an email to the address on the right and let me know what colors you like.

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