Do you ever feel like you are in just a funk?  Or a rut?  Like nothing you do satisfies your creativeness that you have locked inside?  Well, ever since I moved (really since my sewing machine broke), I have gotten out of the habit of sewing like crazy.  It’s just weird.  And bad, because I have so many UFO’s and new stuff I want to make!  And, I have several small little projects that need to get started and finished before the holiday.  So, in an attempt to jump-start my creativeness again, I pulled some fabric from my stash (which I don’t have a lot of, anyone willing to donate I would love it!).  I am making a sunglasses case.  The fabric below will be the outside.

2012-12-05 18.46.41

It’s hard to tell but that’s an aqua color and red, with some grey as well.  I love how they look together.  My plan is to put it together tonight. 

On a side note, I live 3 minutes from work now, so I am able to go home on my lunch.  Twice this week, I have put dinner in the crock pot.  Tonight we are having stuffed peppers!  This summer my Mom, niece Emily and I made them and froze them.  It’s nice to just pull them out of the freezer, put them in the crock pot, cover them with stewed tomatoes (canned from tomatoes from my Dad’s garden) and when I get home, they will be done!

As always, keep Simply Delighting!!




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