Book Review: Dear Deb by Margaret Terry

I just finished reading Dear Deb by Margaret Terry.  I think it’s the fastest I have ever read a book.  I got it in the mail yesterday and started it last night and finished it this morning while I waited for my car to get front and rear brakes. 


Dear Deb is a series of letters from Terry to a woman named Deb in her church that is dying from stage 4 lung cancer.  After being invited to a prayer group to specifically pray for Deb, Deb asks all the attendees to help her stay encouraged to believe for her miracle.  Terry begins to write her emails with encouraging stories from her own life.  Memories from her childhood all the way through to her present life give glimpses of small everyday instances of God’s handiwork and providence. 

This book really surprised me.  When I started it, I thought it was going to be boring and hard to read.  Once I got into the book, I found that it was easy to read and the stories not only were entertaining, but also very touching.  They are filled with life lessons and moments of pure divine interventions.  It is the perfect book for the beach or a rainy day curled up under a blanket. I highly recommend it. 

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