Ruffle Scarf

One of the projects I worked on when I was at my parents house over Thanksgiving was this great new scarf.  Originally, my Mom was supposed to make one for me and one for her (out of a different color), but when I asked her about it, she told me that she didn’t like the yarn and was going to take it to Florida with her this winter and have her friend make it.  Well….I said um, no you aren’t–let me see that pattern.  Two days later, I had a finished scarf.  And…I LOVE IT.   It was a Mary Maxim pattern, which was super easy (I can’t believe she couldn’t figure it out).  Two days after that I had hers made.  So…now we have matching scarves.  I should have taken a picture of us together wearing them, but didn’t think about it at the time. 

I plan to post tonight about two other projects I worked on at their house, so stay tuned for later!

Until then, keep Simply Delighting!


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