Book Review~Fully Alive: A Journey that Will Change Your Life by Ken Davis

Another book I have read recently is Fully Alive: A Journey that Will Change Your Life by Ken Davis.  Ken writes about how to live fully alive from a great personal perspective that captivates his reader.  Sharing personal stories of his life, he offers incredible insight as to what God wants and desires for His children.  Ken speaks with compassion about struggling to live in the “land of the living.” 

The book starts with a compelling story about how Ken’s granddaughter becomes missing on a camping hike in Colorado.  This experience sets off a spiritual journey that led to living fully alive and experiences all God has for us as believers.  He offers practical ways and solutions with Biblical references.  As Ken shares insight from his own journeys, readers can identify and see parallels in their own life, finding application in how to live fully alive.

I would highly recommend this book for anyone that is seeking to go deeper in their faith.  It was easy to read and keeps the reader’s attention.


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