September Wrap Up and November Projects

So…it’s time to get back to quilting and  a few other things.  I have joined a couple of book review programs and you will be seeing those here as well.  Additionally, this will be a more well-rounded blog about lots of things, not just quilting.  The end of September and the whole month of October was crazy.  I moved, and spent the majority of October getting things together for the move.  Almost a week ago I moved and unpacked and got everything settled in and now…finally I can get back to quilting and other fun things.  (How was that for a run on sentence?)

So…let’s start by wrapping up September projects.  Final updates are in orange.

September’s WIP List

1. Baby J’s Hand quilted quilt almost done–need to finish this week or weekend

2. Baby J’s special project Finished!

3. Mom’s star quilt top Finished

4. My college friend’s quilt top Finished

5. My Winterscape quilt top Finished

6. Americana Quilt 1 no progress

7. Americana Quilt 2 top no progress

8. Cut hexagons no progress

November WIP List

1. Baby J’s hand quilted quilt

2. Baby J’s quilt from her GMama.  My sister crossed stitched a baby quilt for Baby J, and she needs me to quilt and bind it.

3. My Americana quilt-baste, quilt and bind

4. Scrappy Quilt for me

5. Mom’s bed quilt-baste, quilt and bind

6. Mom’s star quilt-baste, quilt and bind

7. Mom’s special embroidery quilt-baste, quilt and bind

So there is the list for November.  I will post some progress pictures this weekend!

Until then, keep Simply Delighting!


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