What I could be working on…

So since I can’t sew or quilt, I decided to look through my project box at all the things I could be working on.  Some would say why torture yourself, but for me, I love making lists, and somehow making lists makes me feel productive, so…well, you get the point.  Here are some of the projects on the list for the Fall. 

This is the pattern for Baby J’s quilt.  It’s from McCall’s Quick Quilts Oct/Nov 2012 edition. 

I love it!

This is my Mom’s Yuletide by Benartex throw.  I have it almost finished, just need

to sew the front side of the binding.  I love how it turned out.

The back fabric.  It is so elegant and perfect.  I hope she loves it.

The front.  Almost done.

Here are some aqua and red fat quarters I want use to make a throw quilt.

The fat quarters for the Americana quilt I have been procrastinating on

My Vintage Modern by Bonnie and Camille for Moda charm pack. 

I am making my sister-in-law, Anissa, a throw with this collection.

Wiscasset by Moda honey bun…I have this awesome pattern for a throw quilt for this.

Simple Abundance by Moda honey bun…yet another throw in progress

The border fabric and back fabric for my Americana throw.

My Winterscapes by Benartex throw that I am making, exactly like my Mom’s Yuletide throw.

Some fabric for a special project for Baby J



A throw for a friend I am working on

So, as you can see, I have a lot of projects started, not to mention the ones on the WIP list for August to finish.  I can’t wait to bring Gladys home and get busy!

Have a super week and…

Keep Simply Delighting!


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