Baby J’s Quilt

I love how God works.  I was sitting her feeling sad because I can’t quilt or sew, and so I decided to research and look for some fabric for my beloved Baby J’s quilt.  I found the pattern of the quilt I want to make for her in one of the recent quilting magazines I subscribe to, but hadn’t found the right fabrics.  It has been an ongoing quest for me.  I just wanted to find the perfect fabric.  Well, I found it…and it’s not even out yet.  It will be out in October.  But…here is a sneak peak. 

The collection is call the Zig Zag Zoo by Laura Berringer for Marcus Brothers Fabrics.  It’s flannel too, which will be perfect because Baby J is due in January!  I need to find 2 more flannel fabrics to complete the list of fabrics, but I am so happy to say this is the fabric.  I love it.

Thank you Lord, you always are on time!




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