Sundays, Sewing Machines, and Spaghetti

Happy Sunday!  I was having a very productive weekend until today…when my sewing machine, named Gladys, decided to have a temper tantrum and stopped working.  I am hoping to contact the manufacturer tomorrow to get it resolved.  I did get almost 3 quilts finished!  Today I was sewing the binding on the right side of my Mom’s Yuletide Christmas throw and that’s when my machine decided to stop.  But…I made some amazing spaghetti and meatballs for dinner which helped subdue my frustration (comfort food always does!).  I also made yellow cupcakes with chocolate butter frosting.  YUM!

Here are the weekend’s accomplishments:

I finally finished my niece Brianna’s quilt.  I had to baste, quilt and bind it.  I love the way it turned out.

It is on my August WIP list.

This is my Sweet Shoppe and Calico Candie throw.  I LOVE THIS QUILT! 

I had to baste, quilt and bind this quilt as well.  My goal was just to get the quilt top done, but now the whole

quilt is done!  It will be a gift for a dear friend of mine.

I know it’s hard to see (I forgot camera batteries so I have been using my phone’s camera), but the

back is a light green viney/floral print.  Perfect and delicate just like the quilt blocks.

Here’s Gladys.  I hope she gets better soon. 

Friday night, I did work on a new project for another friend.  I can’t talk about it much because I think she reads my blog, but she is an old friend of mine from my college days, and I am super excited to finish up the project and then send it to her.  Once I do, I will definitely post pics and an update.

Have a super great Sunday and make this week amazing. 

Keep Simply Delighting!


2 thoughts on “Sundays, Sewing Machines, and Spaghetti

    • Thank you! She’s going to the sewing machine hospital on Saturday. Until she gets home, I will be using my older Singer my sister bought me in 2005. 😦

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