So…for those of you that know me personally, you might say I have a few obsessions.  Brian Williams from NBC Nightly News, anything the color pink, Mexican food…they all are on the list.  Another thing that is definitely on the list is anything Americana!  My living room is decorated in Americana items (and yes I don’t care if it’s no longer “in”).  Tonight I partially finished the Americana throw I have been working on, and I. LOVE. IT.  I am going to add a border around it to make it bigger (probably a neutral) and I want to find a super awesome blue Americana print for the back and maybe a sweet red fabric for the binding.  I am not going to quilt it though until I master my free motion quilting because I want to quilt in with a star pattern.  That will inspire me to practice my free motion quilting.  My digital camera’s batteries are dead, so I had to use my phone camera.  Here are some photos of the quilt top thus far:

I used 1 charm pack each of Prairie Paisley II and Old Glory Gatherings by Moda, along with some charm pack squares of Moda Neutrals. 

I just keep on pushing through that WIP list for August.  Tomorrow I am going to cut the fabric for the border of  my Sweet Shoppe and Calico Candies blocks, so I can get that quilt top finished up.  Today I received some Perennials by Benertex  charm packs in the mail, and I was thinking about using them for a hexagon quilt, but it won’t be enough.  Oh well, just have to use it for something else!

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Be blessed tonight!!

Keep Simply Delighting!

“Go after your dream, no matter how unattainable other think it is!”



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