WIP list for August

Happy August 1st!

Is it me or does it seem like this summer is flying by?  That’s fine with me, honestly.  I am not a huge summer fan.  I love fall, back to school time, school supplies, falling leaves, hunting season, football, all of it.  So…here it is August 1st…and I need to put together a list of all the projects I want to accomplish this month.

BUT!  I wanted to give a spoiler (I stole that term from the Olympics, I admit it) that I finished tonight my friend’s quilt…the Riley Blake Tuxedo Collection.  I would post pics, but it was too dark in the room where I was photographing and so I am going to wait until tomorrow to take pics and then post it in the morning.  It turned out awesome and I love it and hope she will too. 

So…here’s the list for August.  My theme for the month…GO BIG OR GO HOME (or stop quilting, something like that)

1. Brianna’s quilt.  I am going to finish it this month.

2. Shortcake quilt.  I think I am going to make a back piece with several strips scraps of fabric I have in my stash (to eliminate some scraps)

3. My Americana charm pack quilt (at least the top)

4. Sweet Shoppe and Calico Candies charm pack quilt (at least the top)

5. My Mom’s quilt.  Baste, quilt and bind.

6. Gabby’s quilt.  Baste, quilt and bind.

7. My Mom’s Christmas charm pack quilt top

8. My Christmas charm pack quilt top.

9. Start cutting some hexagons for my hexagon quilt.

10. Work on my difficult Americana quilt that I keep putting off because I am such a whimp and it’s too hard and I am scared to take it.

11. Practice free motion quilting with some easy peasy projects like pot holders etc.

So…there you have it.  Ready or not, bring on August’s WIP. 

And….thanks to all my faithful followers.  You guys inspire me and I love your comments!  Keep them coming.  Be sure to sign up to follow Simply Delighting by email and follow me on Twitter.  You can do both by clicking on the links to the right—->

Keep Simply Delighting!!!

“Be strong in the Lord and is His mighty power.” Ephesians 6:10



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