So Many Projects, So Little Time!

I am back from my mini hiatus.  I went away for a couple days and I thought I would have internet access, but I did not….I had planned to post an update but…wasn’t able here we go!

On Saturday, I took advantage of some great coupons I had for Joann’s Fabrics.  I have a couple of projects that I need finish and one special project for a friend that I needed to get done ASAP.  So…after making a list I headed to Joann’s.  I was super excited to get the 3 fabrics I purchased for $2 off a yard…and then on top of that, 20% off my entire purchase!  I saved a total of $42!!! 

The grey and green fabrics are for a friends quilt and the pink is for my niece Brianna’s quilt.

This is Brianna’s quilt top.  I have to rip off the current sashing, as it doesn’t match.  I will be replacing it with the pink fabric shown above, as well as using the pink for the backing and binding.  That is my plan to finish as soon as my friend’s quilt is done.


One of my friends recently took a new job and moved to Denver, Colorado.  I thought it would be sweet to make her a quilt for her new place.  I am using Riley Blake’s Tuxedo Collection charm pack, and using the same pattern I used for my friend Chelsea.  I am using Moda Solids in Black to offset the Riley Black collection.  I love it.  I will use the grey fabric above to add sashing and to bind and the green in the back piece.  Tonight I was able to sew the rows together, add the sashing and also make the back piece.  I also was able to baste the quilt so tomorrow night, I can start the quilting process.  This is also the first quilt I added a label.  I decided that I would create my own special label, which I will show you when I have the whole quilt done.  The quilt is turning out awesome.


This weekend (well Saturday, since I left for my trip on Sunday) I was able to finish my Shortcake quilt top, which was on my WIP list for July.  The block above is the B block, and those are a few pics of the finished quilt top.  I apologize for the not so great quality.  I LOVE THIS QUILT.   It was made with scraps from my stash.  It was for me originally, but I am thinking I might give it to my Mom.  I want to find a pale pink fabric for the back. 

So…there are some updates.  Saturday I finished quite a lot of things!  But…I still have sooo many more projects to go!

Happy Tuesday! 

Keep Simply Delighting!




3 thoughts on “So Many Projects, So Little Time!

  1. Looks like loads of fun.

    I’m a multi-project-er like you at the moment. A bit on that project, a bit more on the other project, it seems to stop them getting stale.

    Keen to see how you are going to quilt your shortcake…

  2. I am not sure how I am going to quilt the Shortcake quilt. I discovered last night that I really can’t free motion quilt on my machine…so I will have to think of how to do it. I sat down last night and made a list of all the projects I have running around in my head and there is about 20. And I have enough fabric right now for all of them…the tops at least. I am super good at getting the tops done, but the quilting part…that’s another story.

    have a super day!

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