Sewing Saturday!

Today has been such a great day.  After a week that seemed like it would never end, I spent the ENTIRE day just sewing.  I finished up a few projects on my WIP list and organized my stash.  It felt sooo good!!  So….here is what the day consisted of:

1. Chelsea’s Charm Pack Quilt–this project almost was a no go.  Last night I added the sashing around the sides and quilted it but made a major error (which I will spare you the details) because I am such a new quilter but this morning, I started the day off determined to salvage and conquer the project.  And, I did.  And I love it, flaws and all, and Chelsea, one of my best friends, will too.  Take a look:

The finished size is 58 x 38. 

You can see the beginning of this quilt in the post A little of this, a little of that.

2. I finished 2 bibs and 2 burp cloths for Baby Maxton.  I think they turned out great.  Here they are:


Burp Cloths

3. I also finished Baby Maxton’s quilt but haven’t posted any pics…so here are some:



Finished Size is 54 x 54.  You can see the start of the project at my post Burmuda Monkeys!

4. I started a new project with one of the charm packs I received the other day.  Check out the original photo in my older post This and That.  Here is a photo of the start of this project…I just sewed all of the squares together in twos:

5. I started working on again on my Shortcake quilt, using strictly stash fabrics.  One of things I dislike about quilting is cutting, and so after a little bit of frustration, I decided to call it a day and start fresh tomorrow working on that WIP. 

Lastly, I have a confession.  I mentioned in my post This and That that I was making a declaration that I was not going to buy any more fabric (unless it was for a WIP) until all my WIPs were finished.  Well, I was on the phone to my friend Josh and mentioned that I found this fabric on sale and couldn’t resist and he busted me.  So…I promised him I wouldn’t buy anymore.  Then today, I get an email from Craftsy that had charm packs closeouts for $3 and I couldn’t resist.  So, once again…I am not making any more purchases until my WIP is done!

Stay tuned tomorrow for an updated WIP list and a yummy recipe. 

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Keep Simply Delighting!


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