This and that…

It feels like forever since I have sat down to blog…even though it’s only been a couple of days!  I forgot how much I loved to blog.  I wish so much that I could have salvaged all of my posts from the other site.   I had probably over 50 posts of different recipes and lots of great pictures…namely of the Great Cookie Bake of 2010 with my Mom.  That was the year that we made over 65 dozen cookies in a little over 4 days.  It was crazy!  I am sure a lot of you can relate to the feeling of a never-ending to do list.  Well, I confess that I struggle greatly with balance in life.  Sometimes when I go quilt crazy I neglect my home and it turns into a disaster area.  When that happens, it’s so hard for me to relax and I end up feeling guilty for doing something that I love (quilting, cooking, baking, blogging, etc) because I feel like I should be cleaning and straightening up.  So..these last few days, I have done just that.  I am sure I am not the only person that struggles with this issue….so please, if you do as well, leave me some feedback and we can keep each other accountable!

I have a couple little tidbits to share, although like I said, I haven’t been doing much sewing or cooking.  It’s been crazy hot here again and so cooking goes out the window.  I did manage to sew a little tonight.  I started out making a changing pad for Baby Maxton out of the left over Urban Zoologie fabric I have, but it didn’t look quite right so I ended up making a pillowcase out of it…which turned out super cute.  Check it out:

Also, I received a nice surprise in my mailbox today.  I have recently become a great fan of charm packs.  Craftsy has great deals all the time.  If you haven’t checked out their deals, do so!  This is what I happily received today:

Benartex Crazy Daisy Fabrics

Benertex Sweet Shoppe Calico and Candies by Michele D’Amore

I have a couple of people in mind for this fabric to make throw size quilts.  But, before I do, I must finish my other projects.  I am making myself…starting right here, right now, that I am not buying any more fabric unless it is to finish a project already started, and I am not starting any new projects until all of my WIPs are done.  You all are my witnesses! 

I have fabric for a couple bibs cut and ready to sew, and it’s my plan for this week to finish up Chelsea’s charm pack quilt (need to add the sashing, baste, quilt and bind) and give it to her next week.  She is one of my best friends, and I can’t wait for her to see it.  Along with that, I am going to keep working on odds and ends for Baby Maxton. 

Lastly, I have been asked by some of my readers that followed me way way way back when I first started Simply Delighting in 2010 to include more food posts.  I am going to post a poll and let my readers decide.  Do you want more food posts?  Are my posts too much about quilting?  You decide, and then I’ll decide what I want to do!

Be blessed!


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