Lofty Ambitions

So I feel like it’s confession time. 

The truth is that I have only ever had one real quilting lesson, that lesson was about cutting fabric and piecing.  That’s it.  Anything else I have learned about quilting, binding, fabric, patterns etc…it’s been from you tube videos, blogs, Google searches and magazines.   Add to that my limited amount of knowledge about sewing, and sometimes the outcome of a project…well..let’s just say my lack of experience shows. 

Example…yesterday.  I made a baby bib and threw it away.  It. was. awful.  There were so many mistakes and it just was awful.  I have never thrown away a project EVER…quilting or otherwise.

But, the good news is…I have made some other super cute things!!  I made 2 cute bibs and a burp cloth.  Check them out!

I am pretty pleased with how those projects turned out. 

Today, I am hoping to start quilting Baby #1’s quilt.  We found out Thursday that my niece is really only having one baby.  I am also going to look at my collection of stash fabrics to organize/prioritize my WIP list…AGAIN. 

Be blessed today!



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