WIP List Update

Sooo…today is the big day that my niece finds out what Twin Baby #2 will be!  Accordingly, I need to adjust my WIP list for July.  But first, here is a picture from this morning.

My cat Milly, ready to help cut some fabric!

Updated WIP list for July (Updates in blue):

1. Twin Baby #1 quilt–quilt top done, just need to baste, quilt and bind!

2. Twin Baby #2 quilt-as soon as we find out what the gender is, fabric will be ordered!

3. Bibs for Twin Babies-new addition to the list!  Some bibs have been cut, just need to sew and quilt and finish, and then make some more!

4. Chelsea’s Charm Pack quilt-need to get the neutral sashing and backing and then add sashing, baste, quilt and bind

5. Brianna’s quilt-need to seam rip the outer sashing and find  and add new sashing, which will also be the same material as the backing and binding…then baste, quilt and bind

6. Finish Shortcake quilt-this is a long shot…we’ll see if there is time.

Be looking for more updates this weekend!  I plan to finish at least one of these WIPs this weekend!!!

Be blessed today!


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