Summer Memories

Happy first Friday in July!  The summer is officially half over!  I mentioned to my Mom today I can’ t wait for fall…especially with this horrid heat we’ve been having.  As with every single trip to my parents, I always have a wonderful time with my precious Mom and it’s so hard to leave.  We laugh continuously and we share the same brain (which for those of you who know us, that is dangerous) and we just enjoy each other so much.  My parents live on a lake in the woods so the wildlife is abundant.  The other night we saw a Momma Doe and her two baby fawns just about maybe 20 yards from us. 

As great as it is here, I can’t wait to get home and start working on some of my projects on my WIP list.  I received an email confirmation that my fabric from The Fabric Shoppe was ready to be picked up at the post office!!  I can’t wait to start that baby quilt.  Today I printed a bunch of baby patterns for my mom to crochet for the 3 new babies soon to be joining our family. 

Lastly, I am going to post a picture that I took last time I was here, about 2 weeks ago for my birthday.  This was the sight from my Mom’s back porch as we sat there just chatting.  Once again, we were about 30 yards away:

Enjoy the weekend!



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