The Easy Life

I am still on vacation…and it’s HOT here in northern Michigan.   And my parent’s house does not have air conditioning.  So…in order to beat the heat, my Mom and I drug out an old inflatable rectangle kiddie pool that my sister bought during one 4th of July vacation when she, my brother and his family, and I were here.  We filled it up yesterday and by evening the water was nice and warm.  So…this afternoon, we just sat in the water and chatted.  Now, I previously blogged about my Mom when my blog was at (don’t go there, the content is gone and I am still devastated about it) but she is my inspiration and role model for everything in my life.  We were out there for 3 hours just chatting and laying in the sun…and one of the things she mentioned that was on The Chew today on ABC, Carla made fudge.  Fudge is probably my Mom’s favorite sweet treat.  So…when we came inside, I whipped it up really quick, and it is delicious! 

Here is a pic of the fudge being made:

The recipe is super easy.  You can find it here:

Carla Hall’s Homemade Fudge

Also, I found out today that my niece that is pregnant and due in November is having TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, my WIP list will be adjusted to add another baby quilt for her.  She finds out next week what she is having and as soon as she does, I will be ordering more fabric.  I am hoping it’s a girl…and if it is, here is some of the fabric I will be ordering:

It’s from the same Robert Kaufman Urban Zoologic line, only for girls.  I am secretly hoping she has a girl too!

I think that’s all for now.  Oooh one more interesting tidbit…I had to mend my swimsuit today, and I used my Mom’s sewing machine.  My Dad bought her this sewing machine in 1986.  It’s a basic White sewing machine.  What an antique!  I realized how spoiled I am with my modern machine.  While mine isn’t fancy by any means…it’s way more convenient than hers.  Thank goodness for modern technology!




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