Confessions of a Fabric Addict!

So…as I have been developing my love of quilting, I have also become a fabric addict.  This week, I received in the mail 2 different charm packs.  For those of you that do not know what a charm pack is (because I didn’t until I ordered them)…charm packs are 5 inch squares of fabric.  Typically there are 40-45 squares in each charm pack.  I ordered mine from, and they always have deals going that are INCREDIBLE!!!  I paid $14 for 2 Benerdex charm packs and maybe $10 for 2 Moda Neutrals charm packs.  What a steal!!!

Here they are:

I love the colors and patterns!! 

This is Katie by Jennifer Young for Benerdex Fabrics. 

I plan on making a modified 9 patch throw quilt with these charm packs.  I will post pics as I work on it.  I am also planning to do a Work in Progresss (WIP) post this weekend of all the projects I have started.  It’s crazy how many things I have going!! 

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