I love quilting!!

As I mentioned in my last post, I have recently acquired a new hobby…quilting…more specifically, machine quilting.  About 3 years ago, my sister-in-law Lori and I were talking and we both said that we really wanted to learn to machine quilt.  We had both decided we wanted to take a class to learn the basics.  When I had started Simply Delighting, I was unemployed…so I had a lot of time on my hands.  It just so happened that when I interviewed for my current position, my would be boss was a machine quilter.  Over Christmas break 2010, she gave me an all day lesson about machine quilting, and I was off and running.  I decided I would tackle a huge project (I had no idea how huge at the time!)…a quilt for my baby niece Leah.  This quilt had 1800 pieces.  Each 3 inch finished square had 5 parts.  Oh. My. Nerves.  I started that quilt in December 2010, and thought I would give it to her for her 1st birthday in March 2011.  I was wrong.  It was so overwhelming for me that I didn’t pick it up to finish it until the beginning of this year, 2012.  I was determined to get that quilt done for her 2nd birthday.  I worked feverishly for 4 weeks straight to finish up 360 squares to combine to make her quilt.  However, I must admit, I did not quilt it myself.  I took it to a long arm quilter and they quilted it for me. 

Here is a picture of the top, before it was quilted.

So…having finished it for her 2nd birthday, I was hooked.  And I mean hooked.  Since March, I have finished 6 other quilt tops, and have completely finished of those 6 quilt tops (meaning they are quilted and bound).  I have read countless blogs, watched several you tube videos and now subscribe to about 6 or 8 quilting magazines.  I simply cannot get enough.  I love fabric and color and texture…oh it’s just completely sucked me in and I have so many projects either started or on a list to start its crazy!!! 

This weekend, I made my first ever baby quilt for my great-nephew Parker, who is turning one in a couple of days!   I quilted it myself (which really is very daunting to me) and it’s all ready to get wrapped for his party! 




I found the pattern for this quilt online, and modified it just a little to use all the  fabrics.  I used 15 fat quarters (I love fat quarters!) from the Richard Neuman for Clothworks Fabrics Red Go collection.  I just love it, and I think it screams little boy…don’t you?  The finished quilt measure 34 x 42.





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