So many things….

Today has been a busy, productive day.  We (my Mom and Dad and I) did a lot of projects…too many to list in detail on Simply Delighting, but instead check out the photo highlights of some of the projects!  Enjoy!

Canning homemade spaghetti sauce

Tomatoes fresh out of my Dad’s garden. 

More tomatoes.  My mom does all the cutting of the tomatoes…

My Dad does the juicing.  This juicer seriously had been around since I was very young.  It’s my Dad’s job to set it all up and get it ready.  I can’t tell you how many summer weekends I remember standing on a chair dropping tomatoes in the funnel and pushing them down with the plunger while he turned the crank on the juicer. 

This is the stuff we are after.  It’s unbelievable how many tomatoes it takes to get a kettle full of juice!

Adding the other ingredients…that was my job.  We, of course, used herbs that my Mom grew in her herb garden.  After cooking the sauce down pretty much all day, my Mom then pours it into the jars.  She won’t allow anyone else to do it, even now.  Altogether she made 7 quart jars. 

Zucchini Breads

Lemon Zucchini Bread–I had to break in my Mom’s super beautiful Kitchen Aid Mixer.  This bread made the whole house smell so yummy lemon-y!!!

Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread-this recipe also has crushed pineapple in it.  YUM!!!!!!!

Bread ready to freeze.  My Mom freezes a lot of this bread for the holiday time.   Altogether we had 7 mini loaves of chocolate chip zucchini and 5 mini loaves of lemon zucchini.

If anyone one wants the recipe–leave me a comment and I will post it!



3 thoughts on “So many things….

  1. I would like the recipe! I also wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog. So often I’m completely unmotivated to make dinner just for myself, but you inspire me to do better!

  2. The juicer is cool. Reminds me of my Dad who cans tomatoes every year. I’ve helped him several times and seeing that juicer reminds me of those good times. Thanks!

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