Work in Progress…

I have several projects that I am working on, but here is the one that has captured most of my attention.  After talking to my mom (ok–begging her) to make me an afghan, she talked me into making one for myself.  She loves to crochet and has passed that love on to me.  She taught me when I was a young girl, and at that time I didn’t really want to learn and didn’t care to learn.  About 7 years ago, I convinced her to teach me again, and I made my very first afghan.  Since then, I have made scarves, and 2 ponchos for my nieces.  Here are the beginnings of my next afghan, which is for my bedroom.  I hope to post updates as it comes together and progresses.

This is the start of the afghan.  Sorry for the poor picture quality, I took the picture with my Blackberry. 

This picture shows the true color–it’s called Claret.  I crochetted 13 rows of half double crochet stitches of Claret (which was a 7 oz skein), and then started adding the Soft White. 

Here I am done with the Soft White.  I am alternating Claret and Soft Navy, with 6 rows of Soft White in between.  I think it looks pretty nice.  Notice the quilt on the bed, that is what I took the color scheme from.

Working on the Soft Navy…it’s really taking shape and I am loving it!!!

I am using Red Heart Super Saver medium worsted weight yarn, 7 oz skeins.  I chained 290 stitches, 3 chains for the turn, starting the next row in the first half double crochet.  Stay tuned for more updates!


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